Services that we offer

Fiber Optics

Expat Telecommunication deals in providing connectivity services at various levels of the telecommunications industry. From loopbacks for equipment manufacturing segment to standard cable assemblies to support service provider networks to optical drop cables, we have products to suit every application.

Data Cabling Lines

Whether there is a need for network cabling installation or an assessment of telecommunications network as a whole, our experts are ever ready to serve with all. Hardware connection, service entry pathways, transition hardware, cables and circuit protection devices, we are expert in everything.

Network Equipment (SEI) Install's

Our SEI-certified engineers install the new equipment in the data center. We ensure that every system functions optimal and clients are 100% satisfied with every service they ask for. To keep a check on the provided services, we review the details.

Network Troubleshooting

Our network cabling design and installation services are unique and dependable. We pay attention to integrating every component to create a network that’s cohesive. Owing to our knowledge and skills, we determine which components should be included in a network cabling project to optimize the speed and performance.